Saturday, March 15, 2014

mobtalker2 scripts

Hello Players!!

My name is Playall mubarak
This blog page is all about my mobtalker 2 script

if you want to report a bug or give ideas in my script, put in the comment

my original short script it's already done click here for information
here for download my short script:
0.1 link
1.1 link (only zombie update)

right now i'm working on my mobtalker 2 big project script
this script will include all script API and language reference that i currently working on right now and i need more ideas put in the comment what should i add maybe days, or give item, or spawn something etc

and in the mean time i also make some of the testing project for my script it's going to be shit lot of time to make this script big project, here are some script that i have upload it

part 1
0.4 link

it's about times met and love level the more you talk to the mob the more you get love level and and meet(s)
mobs for this script: Creeper, Skeleton
ideas by : me
future update: add zombie

Part 2
0.1 link 

i added heobrine don't ask why
note : don't use this script due to error texture use it at your own risk i'm not responsible for any damage 
i will replace this script to different type of script
mobs for this script: Creeper
Ideas by: me
future update: Remove and change this script

part 3
1.4 link
0.4 link
0.1 link

i added biome interaction every biome listed in here even include the and, nether, and mushroom biome
mobs for this script : Skeleton
ideas by: me
future update: add zombie, and creeper

part 4

none (work on progress)

you can view everything at mobtalker 2 forum
link here


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want to make a script? ask me by contact me or read the wiki how to make a script

you can see my progress and contact me at:
my youtube  link

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